Archetypal Review of Culture, Vol 1, No 1, July 2010


The Evolutionary Challenge of Western Culture - what will carry us across?

The Archetypal Review of Culture is an online magazine and journal which highlights and comments upon cultural events from the archetypal, existential, humanistic and transpersonal depth perspective of the Living Institute, so that how people see the world, and the actions they take in the world, may be illuminated, and shaded, by these traditions. An outline for the cultural context of the ARC is given in the lead article in the Journal The Evolutionary Challenge in Western Culture: An Archetypal, Existential, Ecological Perspective.


What's Goin' On? news and views on cultural events

Do schools kill creativity?

Sir Ken Robinson, PhD

Sir Ken Robinson is an internationally-renowned expert in the field of creativity and innovation in business and education, especially the use of drama and theatre. He has served as advisor to a succession of high-profile public and private organizations - including governments, the European Commission, and Paul McCartney's Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. His latest book is Out of Our Minds: Learning to be Creative. He is working on "Catalyzing Creativity", a forum for the discussion and exchange of ideas on innovation and creativity in business.

This is a 20 min video from TED conference ( Jan 7, 2007 re the importance of teaching creativity in schools as a way of approaching the uncertainty of our present, and future, times.

Preserving Indigenous Spirituality

David Lukoff, PhD

David Lukoff, PhD, is Co-President of the Association for Transpersonal Psychology and on the faculty of the Institute for Transpersonal Psychology. The Spiritual Competency Resource Center ( created by David, provides access to online resources that enhance the cultural sensitivity of mental health professionals. In August 2008 he taught a 7 day course on transpersonal psychology in Kyrgyzstan at the Aigine Research Centre for traditional healers and other cultural practitioners.

ARC Arts

ARC Arts - the Art of Poetry

This edition of the ARC Arts focuses on poetry, with Jacob Scheier (winner 2008 Canadian Governor General’s Award for English language poetry for More to Keep Us Warm), Robert Priest (multitalented Toronto poet, playwright, musician and author), Living Institute students and faculty, and HEP workshop participants.


The Evolutionary Challenge in Western Culture: An Archetypal, Existential, Ecological Perspective

Jim McNamara, ND, Programs Director, Living Institute; President, Human Horizons Foundation, original Dean, Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, founder Holistic Experiential Process Method (HEP).

An outline of the evolutionary context for the ARC.

2012 and Human Destiny: End of the World or Consciousness Revolution?

Stanislav Grof, MD (, psychiatrist, author, co-founder Transpersonal Psychology and International Transpersonal Association, co-founder Holotropic Breathwork, Professor of Psychology, California Institute of Integral Studies, recipient 2007 Vision 97 Award, Dagmar and Vaclav Havel Foundation, Prague.

Presented at the "Unveiling 2012" conference, May 29, 2009, Fort Collins, Colorado. The conference featured visionaries, teachers, researchers and experts in the field of consciousness.

The Challenge for Education in Uncertain Times

Maureen O'Hara, PhD (, psychologist, education specialist, organizational consultant, futurist, author, Chair, Psychology Department, National University, President Emerita, Saybrook Graduate School, Fellow, Meridian Institute on Governance, Leadership, Learning and the Future, member, International Futures Forum.

Presented at the General Assembly of the World Academy of Arts and Sciences, Zagreb, Croatia, November 2005.